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Mattheus van der Steen is the founder and director of Touch Reach and Impact the Nations (Trin). Mattheus is author of several books and his book 'Dare to Dream' won an award for... Read the Full Story
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Mattheus has frequent trips the coming months! In Mozambique he speaks at the Harvest school, the international bible school of Iris Ministries and he will go with on outreach. After that he will speak at the first conference... View my page
Dare to Dream is a book with a message that will change your life. It will set you free to walk in your dreams and achieve your God given purpose. Discover vital keys that will show you... Read the Full Story
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Tuesday September 02 , 2014
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What our friends say about Mattheus van der Steen Ministries

Lodewijk van Weerden

Pastor :  Waardevol Leven Church, Loppersum, The Netherlands

I wish to heartily commend the ministry of both Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen, as well as the entire TRIN team.

It is one thing to have a great vision, but it is entirely different matter to actively develop and realise this vision. I know many people that talk about what God should do, but very few who work towards making it happen. TRIN makes things happen! Not just nice words, but deeds also. I am very impressed with what TRIN has accomplished in a very short time. This growth is tremendous but has also brought many trials and tribulations with it. It has been hard work. Well done!

One thing the world longs for is authenticity. If I can name one person who is very much his own man, it is Mattheus van der Steen. A man with a passion for God and a vision for His Kingdom. I have learnt to know him as a friend but also as a man who speaks out, knows exactly what he is doing, and goes straight for his goals. In his young life he has experienced many different seasons which has given him a strong basis to do what he is doing now. Opposition, disappointment and difficult challenges do not easily affect him, but just seem to give him more energy and determination to achieve the task that God has set before him. He doesn't just dare to dream, but has what it takes to achieve his dreams..and so do you!

David and Joyce de Vos
Go and Tell

We are in the privileged position of having  been with TRIN since its inception. We have seen how Mattheus and Rebekah have compassionately dedicated their lives to helping others and they also have a sincere desire to see others achieve their God given purpose. They have not only personally contributed to God's Kingdom, but have inspired people from all over the world to believe God for the impossible, and see it achieved.

Arjan and Efi Knevel
Living Waters Ministries, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

It is an honour to know Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen. We had heard about each other beforehand, but from our first meeting in April, 2008, a very special and instantaneous bond has existed between us. Mattheus has a great passion for those that do not know Jesus. His ministry originates from the Biblical exhortation to look after the widows and orphans. His beliefs and dreams are inspiring. We at Living Waters Ministry consider it a real blessing to be associated with him.

Laura and Daniel Woodley
His Company

Since meeting Mattheus and Rebekah and the TRIN team in 2006 we have become closely involved with them, both as friends and ministry partners. Their passion and zeal for lost souls and to see revival in the Netherlands has always encouraged and amazed us. We journeyed to Africa with them and were blessed to experience first hand their amazing love and compassion for the widows and orphans and believe that God is going to greatly extend their influence. They carry a special portion of God's heart and a powerful deposit of His Kingdom. We can't wait to see what God is going to do next with Mattheus, Rebekah, and the whole TRIN team as they continue to seek His will for the Netherlands and the world.

Daniel and Marlies Hoogteijling
Youth Apart, Kenya

Mattheus and Rebekah confirm our belief that God can do incredible things through young people who love  Him.

Johan and Karin de Smit
The Happy Pastors, Living Word Church, Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

In 2008 we met Matthues and Rebekah at the first Revival Alliance Netherlands (RAN) meeting.

There was a spark between us and a friendship was started. What touched us about Mattheus was his authenticity, purity and his 'straight to the point' approach. This one can see in his passionate love for Jesus, as well as all people, both near and far, that do not know God as Father yet. Mattheus is someone who has chased his God given dream, and achieved it. There are few people who dare to do that. Someone once said that dreams are the language of the Holy Spirit. We are part of the Father's dream, and along with many other Christians, we long to see a breakthrough in God's Kingdom on this earth. In Mattheus God has found a man, who, just like Isaiah, has dared to go ..'And then I heard the voice of the Master: "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?" I spoke up,  "I'll go. Send me!" (The Message Bible, Isaiah 6 verse 8)

We have learnt that Mattheus is a man who doesn't only talk, but is actively doing what he has said he will do. Touch the untouched, Reach the unreached and Impact the nations. This is a vision that we want to support and pray for with all our hearts.

We have learnt to know TRIN and the people who have devoted themselves to this work, as honest, passionate, sincere Christians who have worked towards bringing about a break through into God's Kingdom.

We sincerely recommend the people of TRIN and invite you to join them in achieving God's dream for this world.

Daniel Renger
Pastor, Evangelical Centre, Europoort, Rotterdam

I sincerely want to recommend Mattheus, Rebekah and the TRIN team. I am highly impressed by the passion, love and dedication they put into what they do every day. I see a deep love and passion for God. I see a great movement to help the poor, the weak and the lost. I see the touch of God on all their work.

The deep longing I see  in TRIN is to see God powerfully at work, to see a mighty break through into His Kingdom, unity between churches and in everything they do, to glorify God.

It is a movement that dares to dream, that knows how to be challenged and to challenge others. A movement that is used by God in a wonderful way to glorify His name, not only in the Netherlands, but in the whole world.

I am enormously grateful for the work that TRIN does in the Netherlands and the room they give to the Holy Spirit to have His way.

I really hope that Matheus and Rebekah will have both the desire and energy to lead this movement and to be the example for others to live in the calling God has placed on their lives.

Jaap Dieleman
St. de Heilbode , The Netherlands

1.TRIN is the fastest growing missions organisation in our country. I am convinced that this is because TRIN focusses on caring for the widows and orphans, a very important key to revival.
Mattheus van der Steen was griped by this passion  when he went to work in Kosovo shortly after the war there, in order to help look after widows and children.

Since then this passion has led to the building of an orphanage in Uganda, mission activities in India, Pakistan, Indonesia and many other countries in the world. Through TRIN we have seen young people set out to help widows and orphans in these places and bring them the good news of Jesus.

For these reasons I lift TRIN and its people up and bless them.  

Bert Piet
Berea Church, Amsterdam

We are thankful for every expression of love for Jesus and all devotion to our God. This especially applies to the leaders of TRIN. I have learnt to know them as humble servants of our Lord who, with passion and vision, great diligence and resourcefulness, have set about achieving what Jesus commanded them to do.

Theo en Petra van de Weetering
Pastors : Berea Church, Nijmegen.

It a great privilege to know Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen. These are young leaders who have chosen to be transparent and have dared to dream, but also dare to go and in every thing they do, to follow the example set by Jesus.

We are grateful for the way they have given hands and feet to their vision to make known the love of Jesus in a practical and simple way. We have therefore decided, as a church, to stay close to them and to enter into an alliance with them to support them in every possible way.

In TRIN we see an organisation where the passion for Jesus and the passion of Jesus go hand in hand. We can heartily recommend this organisation.

Gerard van Amerongen
Assistant pastor : Evangelical Church, Leusden, The Netherlands.

In 2005 my wife and I visited a  bedding shop in Nijkerk and met a  young salesman. We started a conversation with him after mentioning his Biblical first name.

He told us of his passion and previous involvement with a Christian ministry called Soul Survivor. In 2006 we remembered this young man when we were on the lookout for young people to talk to our congregation. We invited Mattheus for his first speaking engagement but hadn't realised that since our first meeting, his plans to hold Fire Nights were well advanced. We were especially interested to hear he planned to hold one in our home town of Leusden.

We knew then that this fiery young lover of Jesus would not stay long doing the things he  had been doing. He had enormous vision and passion. Besides his heart for widows and orphans, there as also another fire that burns within him, and that is to see revival in his own land, the Netherlands

Mattheus then began transferring the fire in him to others like a relay runner going through the  land. His determination to get a break through was obvious, radical and untiring. Like no other is he aware that God wants to bring a change in this land, and then it will spread further afield. Revival will not come until we break through the religious  walls and take new ground. Mattheus has made himself available to do this despite all opposition and criticism that unfortunately goes with an undertaking of this magnitude. This is something to be admired in him.

We have learnt to know Mattheus as a real man of God, extremely trustworthy and with great integrity. If there is anyone who is able to lead a revival in the Netherlands, then he is the person to do it. We stand four square behind him and his team at TRIN ,and are very happy to recommend him to you. He deserves out support!

Frank and Marlou van Essen
Dew Worship

In the last few years we have been very involved with TRIN and have been really able to observe them from close up. This includes the lives of Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen and we feel a great deal of love for them both.

We have seldom come across people who follow the commandment to 'Love the  Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself' in such a practical manner. This they have done despite all the criticisms, opposition  and the inevitable mistakes one makes in  a fast growing organisation . We consider it an honour to be involved with TRIN both as friends and co workers. We recommend them to you with all our hearts.

Ben Buwalda
Pastor, Pentecostal Church The  Ark in Dokkum, Netherlands.

Our country has been tremendously blessed by TRIN under the leadership of Mattheus van der Steen. TRIN doesn't just talk about doing things, they get out and make them practical. I have been a pastor for a long time and I have seldom seen an organisation, or people, who have, in such a short time, on such a large scale, both nationally as well as internationally, been such a blessing and continue to be so. Mattheus has a dream and the one thing he does do is to chase after it. It is great to see God use someone as young as Mattheus to bring the Fire of the Holy Spirit to people and places.

This has also happened here in Dokkum and I believe that God will use Mattheus and his team as an an example to other young men and women. Despite mistakes and shortcomings but with the ability to openly admit to them, Mattheus and his wife are a real example of enthusiasm and determination for many in this land.

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