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Mattheus van der Steen is the founder and director of Touch Reach and Impact the Nations (Trin). Mattheus is author of several books and his book 'Dare to Dream' won an award for... Read the Full Story
In 2008, God spoke to Mattheus van der Steen and Lodewijk van Weerden about a new work in the Netherlands. A work that is focussed on training people... Go to House of Heroes
Mattheus has frequent trips the coming months! In Mozambique he speaks at the Harvest school, the international bible school of Iris Ministries and he will go with on outreach. After that he will speak at the first conference... View my page
Dare to Dream is a book with a message that will change your life. It will set you free to walk in your dreams and achieve your God given purpose. Discover vital keys that will show you... Read the Full Story
Mattheus preaches at different locations around the Netherlands, at conferences worldwide and at the Trin Campaigns. See when he will be in you're neighbourhood and come... See the agenda
Mattheus travels around the world to bring the good news off the Kingdom of God. On his website he shares on the travels and takes you with him around the world... Read the Travel Reports
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Tuesday May 26 , 2015
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BIO MattheusMattheus van der Steen is the founder and director of Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations (Trin).

He worked in various African nations whilst serving as a marine officer aboard a hospital ship called the MV Anastasis and then, in 2005, he worked in Kosovo doing missionary work amongst survivors of the war which had devastated the country. Mattheus then met and married Rebekah and together they started TRIN, a multifaceted ministry which has since grown into a multi national organisation. It not only reaches out across the world to fulfil the Great Commission and see revival and transformation usher in the  Kingdom of God, but also reaches out to the poor, hungry, widowed and destitute.

Mattheus does outreaches in many countries, mainly in India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Uganda where TRIN has offices, but also  in Myanmar, Mozambique, Israel and throughout America and Europe. These outreaches are normally accompanied by healings, signs and wonders.

TRIN often holds training and equipping seminars for pastors and other church leaders in Myanmar, Pakistan, Indonesia and India and Mattheus regularly teaches at Heidi and Rolland Baker's Bible School in Mozambique.

Mattheus and his wife Rebekah have God's heart for the poor, widowed, oppressed and homeless which has lead them to start outreaches to these people everywhere TRIN goes. They have built orphanages in Mozambique, Uganda, India and Kosovo, and Project Held, a ministry within TRIN, sponsors over 900 disadvantaged children across the world, giving them a home, medical care, food, clothing and schooling. This year children who previously lived on the streets with no hope of a decent future now, after having being taken into a TRIN home, have graduated from high school and have started studying at university.

Mattheus is also an ordained minister in the GISI IFGF church which has it's headquarters in Indonesia. This group of 3000 churches is spread across 35 different nations and, along with its leader, Pastor Jimmy Oentoro, it is their hope to raise up 10,000 revivalists to win one million souls to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


Within his own country, the Netherlands, it is Mattheus and Rebekah's heart felt desire and passion to see transformation and revival and to this end Mattheus coordinates The Call, Holland, and has started Revival Alliance Network (RAN) to reach out to business and church leaders. Along with Lodewijk van Weerden, he has started the Apostolic Revival Center, Holland (ARCH), a revival movement which trains and releases people to reach out to others within their own communities, with the Gospel.


Mattheus has written three books, 'Durf te Dromen' the Dutch version of 'Dare to Dream' which won a prize when it was voted as the best Christian book to be published in the Netherlands in 2009. His second book is called 'The Most Important Decision' and his third ‘Durf te Leven’ the Dutch version of Dare to Live.


Mattheus and Rebekah have been married for 7 years, they live in Harderwijk in the Netherlands and have two sons, Zephaniah and Justice, and a daughter called Destiny.

Mattheus is right now busy with mobilizing a huge net for the millions of fish, it is revival time and YOU are part of it!!!

Mobilizing 10.000 people worldwide for revival, harvest and transformation.

Experts are saying that between now in the next 15 years every tribe and tongue will have heard about the Kingdom of God. We believe strongly that we are living in exciting times and that God has given us the mandate to mobilize at least 10.000 people for revival and transformation, an unshakable, radical Holy Spirit filled generation. Extreme disciples who’s only passion is following Jesus, bringing the Kingdom of God in love and power, full of the Fire of the Holy Spirit. An extreme generation who live in grace, holiness and with supernatural life styles. 

We have the vision and dream to build a community of at least 10.000 revivalist from EVERY nation whose lives are a living sacrifice and to stand together in unity, an army of God for the times to come without man made walls, no walls of denominations or religious striving. This is a community of people who are loving, relationship orientated, extremely radical and unswervingly obedient to the call of the Lord Jesus. They will GO into all the world, disciple nations, bringing the Kingdom of God and taking care of the poor, being a voice for the voiceless and a name for the nameless, a community what is desperate for only the presence of God and to see millions of souls being brought into the Kingdom. It is harvest time!

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