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Wednesday August 20 , 2014
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Welcome to my website

It is great to see so many doors opening across the world for the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of so many people.

We are living in a special time and the walls between denominations need to be removed so that we can stand together and become part of one glorious, united Body in the Kingdom of God. I believe it has never been more important for us, as believers in our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to look at the similarities between us, rather than at the differences. After all, we are all serving the King of kings and where the King rules, there can be no separation.

My life was totally changed when I started to believe that if you can see the invisible, God will do the impossible.
I am a normal young person and God has shown me that because of my overwhelming desire to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth, He has been able to use me to do just that.I believe that God wants to use everyone, wherever they are, and whatever their age, to achieve what is ultimately the desire of His Heart, and see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. One of the most important keys for us to achieve this is to be faithful in obeying the Great Commission under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I hope you enjoy reading my new website and hope we meet each other either on Facebook or at one of the meetings I speak at, both at home in the Netherlands, and internationally.

May God bless you!
Mattheus van der Steen



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Latest Testimonies

  • Dear all,

    Last year in November 2010 I was released by the company who hired me in Jakarta, then my dad told me to come back to Manado to continue working in his new furniture assembly business that he had just started several months before. For 6 months the furniture orders were only for 3 to 6 sets each month. And for the last 2 months I been visiting some of my old friends and some new who own furniture stores. Because I am a new player nobody will take my furniture, most of them already have a contract with other factory.

    The blessing part comes after I minister with Pastor Matt and team during the crusade and seminar for 1 week. I left my factory to run by it self, and I don't make business follow up. One day before the team leaves Manado I got a phone call from my customer. He said I want to see your factory. They visit the factory by them self, and after the TRIN team went back to Jakarta the next day the customer text me to say that they will order 1 truck each week filled with around 14 sets of furnitures. Several days later I ask them to join me for dinner and in that evening they upgrade to 3 trucks each week.

    That is only one part of my business, I have several other blessings that is not yet a signed deal but its really-really close. Maybe I can share it next time or after the business deal came true.

    Praise God, when we work for God than He will bless our work.

    Indonesia Manado
  • On the 2nd July I met Mattheus in Appelscha at a conference organised by Cruising for Jesus.  I was not that involved with Christian beliefs but had gone to the conference to support a friend of mine. He was due to play in the band and was feeling nervous.

    I found the subject Mattheus preached about very interesting, and felt very positive about what he had to say.

    At the end of the preaching Mattheus prayed for those that had back problems. Mattheus also asked all those that wanted to watch what God was doing to come forward. I am quite a  rserved person but wanted to see what was going on so went forward. To the first person who came up for prayer Mattheus said he didnt have to believe he would be healed because he had enough faith for both of them. As I watched, the one leg that had been shorter than the other, and which had caused the persons back pain, grew until it was the same length as the other.

    I thought it was some kind of trick so watched closer, and as Mattheus continued praying for people I saw the legs on two other people grow so that they were the same length as the other one.

    I also had back pain so thought perhaps if Mattheus prayed for me I would also be healed. I joined those waiting to be prayed for and when he came to me I told him I had a problem with my heel, a disc in my spoine which kept slipping, and rheumatism. Mattheus told me that the amount of things I had wrong with me was bad, and as he prayed for me my right leg grew until it was the same length as my left leg. Mattheus then began to pray for my rheumatism and said I had pain in my heart some times.

    The following two days I had pain in the muscles of my right leg. I had not been able to stand on my right leg before but now I could, and my back pain has gone. The disc in my spine which had caused so many problems now remains in place. I no longer need to place a cushion in the small of my back when I sit and can lie flat when I sleep, something I have not been able to do for a long time.

    A result of the rheumatism I had is that I was constantly tired but now I am brimming over with energy. I have also been able to stop taking the strong pain relief medication I had been on for so long. The negative effect having rheumatism had had on my muscles also disappeared, and as time passes I am discovering more and more health problems are being healed and I can now do things that I have not been able to do for years.

    I am grateful to God that through mattheus, he has brought Jesus into my life. However, I still had the feeling that I was not completely free. I had been involved in paranormaal activities and whilst doing this had allowed a demonic influence into my life which was causing all my illnesses. I felt I needed to see Mattheus again and ask him for prayer to break the last hold that this had on me.

    On 27th August we attended another Firenight and once again I asked Mattheus to pray for me. I then asked Mattheus to pray that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit so that their would be no more room anymore for demons in my life. Mattheus prayed and as he asked the Holy Spirit to come in power I started shaking and collapsed to my knees before the Lord. I felt very happy and eventually started laughing. Afterwards I felt great and went and thanked Mattheus for what he had done for me. I know that what happened to me was done by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but if Jesus didn’t used Mattheus to pray for me this would have taken a lot longer to bring me to the Father than it did.

    My husband and I will soon be baptised in water in complete obedience and surrender to God.

    Tamara Hogeweide

  • I just want to say it was such a joyful and meaningful time for me as I translated for you during the Endtime Revivial conference in Seoul, Korea.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and your family as you travel around the world.

    I was very happy to know you and let's keep in touch.

    I love you brother!

    Brian Cho

    Brian Cho Korea 2011
  • Qatar is country which has been in the news lately because it has sent planes to work with NATO on their mission in Libya, and because they have recently been chosen to host the World Cup Football event in 2022. Qatar borders on Saudi Arabia and is situated on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is a little larger than the island of Hawaii or about half the size of Wales in the UK. Thanks to its abundant supply of oil and gas the Qataris themselves have one of the highest gross incomes per capita in the world. This sounds good until one realises that only 30% of the population in Qatar are actually Qataris, the rest are migrant labourers from places like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Iran, and they are normally far from being well off. Some of them are, in fact, extremely poor. People in this group have many religious backgrounds and about 10% are Christians. 99.99% of Qataris are Muslim and are easily recognisable because the men are mostly clothed in white garments whilst the woman, often with their faces veiled, dress almost exclusively in black. The countryside itself is a large expanse of flat, bare desert with only a few desert plants and herds of camels surviving there. The capital city of Doha is fairly big and features a modern harbour filled with expensive yachts and bordered by an impressive boulevard. Their old oriental market, known as a soeq, is also an interesting attraction as are the camel rides and places where one can drive 4X4 vehicles along precariously sliding dunes! Once out of Doha there are few inhabited places other than the five towns built in the desert to cater for workers from nearby oil or gas drilling projects. These are inhospitable places with just bare sand and grit with a scattering of desert plants between houses. Qatar was a Christian country but all traces of Christianity were swept away by the coming of Islam. It was only in 2003 that freedom to chose one's religion became lawful in Qatar, and at the same time Muslims were forbidden by law to change their religion. The emir confined the Christians to a place called Christian City where, under state control, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Anglican, Lutheran and Coptic Christians, are allowed to build churches. In this protected place, which discourages fanatics from other religions from disrupting services in any way, Christians come from far and wide to attend church on Fridays, Saturdays and in the evenings. At Easter the people stand in long queues as they wait patiently to enter the busy churches. Under the auspices of the Anglican church, various evangelical denominations have sprung up to cater for the different people groups. During the Easter weekend of 2011 Mattheus van der Steen and I visited a Full Gospel congregation which was started by two families in 2008 and now has 320 members. There are 12 different nationalities represented in this group and whilst the majority are Indonesians, Chinese, Filipinoes, Ghanaians, Kenyans and Nigerians are also valued members. Preaching is done in English, the second official language in Qatar, although translations are available for those who do not have a good command of the English language. We held our meetings in Christian City and two other places where the government had given permission for the Full Gospel Church to meet. We taught them about the Kingdom of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare and prayer. We were very touched by this groups dependence on each other as all were far from their homes and families and in need of encouragement from each other. We encouraged them to develop a vision on how to reach out to other groups, including migrant labourers. The two main points we covered were how the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Power (1 Corinthians 4:20 says "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power" NIV). This greatly touched those who had become discouraged and lukewarm, and even people who felt they could not go any further spiritually were re energized by the Holy Spirit and inspired to continue. Many young people were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit and encouraged to become all that God has called them to be. The second point in our preaching which really stood out was that God has a vision and plan for Qatar and this is not the time for the Christians in the country to sit back and vegetate. They need to know what God's plan is and to develop a vision to work towards helping Him achieve it. Matthew 24:14 and Joel 2:28 are particularly relevant here. "I will pour out my Spirit on all people","And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations". Yes..even in Qatar! Both Mattheus and I look back on our time in Qatar with joy and are extremely grateful for the hospitality and love we received from the precious brothers and sisters we met there, many of whom had to make personal sacrifices in order to accommodate us. We carry them in our hearts and hope to see as many of them as possible when we visit Indonesia in a few months time.

    Willem J. Ouweneel, translated version from Dutch

    Qatar 2011 Willem J. Ouweneel
  • Hallo Mattheus,

    I am half way through your book and I am so enthusiastic by what you have written, I just wanted to thank you for writing this book. Many things you write about I have thought about for years, especially setting people free.

    Whilst reading your book I had this 'picture' of a box filled with fleas, and they jumped and jumped and jumped...but got nowhere because someone had put the lid on the box. The fleas eventually stopped jumping and sat still.

    The top of the box was then removed and the fleas still did not jump. People came and looked in the box and asked why they didn't jump and gain their freedom. Of course the fleas were conditioned not to jump because they would hits their heads, so even with the lid removed they still did not move.

    I have grown up going to church and it has always been with authoritarian church leadership. I now see I need servant leadership, someone who will say to me 'How can I help you grow in your belief? Can I help you in some way?'

    Corrie ten Boom used to introduce herself when she was overseas by saying : I am Corrie ten Boom, servant of God.
    The Apostle Paul introduced himself by saying he was a servant of God.
    Jesus became a servant when he washed the feet of his disciples.
    Jesus said (in Matthew 20 verse 26&27) that whoever wants to be great must first become a servant.

    I think that the control exercised in the church by authoritarian leadership is a curse on the church. When people go to these leaders when they have been healed the leader gets confused because healing doesn't agree with their theology! At the church I attend they only pray for the sick twice a year because they are scared it will 'get out of hand'.

    What we need is to get set free so that we can get 'out of hand' and to do what the Bible says and go and pray for the sick, for the poor, for the unbeliever. I know from my own experience that if I do what God tells me to do I am so filled with joy!

    I have learnt, from your book Mattheus, that freedom to choose is one of our greatest birthrights.

    Thanks you for showing me where my spiritual blockages are and for helping to set us free to choose.

    I have been so inspired by your book!!!

    Dare to Dream
  • I want to tell you what God has done in my live about three weeks ago. Fifteen years ago I fell into a depression. I knew the Lord, read the Bible and I prayed a lot. My biggest fear during the depression was cancer. Even when I was shopping the thought that I had cancer came over me and every were I went I read about cancer. I became compulsive and got very worried about everything. When I heard that my neighbor had cancer I begged my husband to sell the house. I couldn’t bear to see her that way. It became worse and worse. After one year at the mental health center (GGZ) we decided to do a test to see what exactly was going on. After that test, the depression got worse. Therapy would not help, but I did get medication. When I came home I cried for hours. I thought am I that woman? Is this what has become of me? So I went on with my life although it was hard.

    We have heard several times from Trin but I had nothing with Matthew. I have already read the criticism about him so I was well informed. When Matthew came to Drachten I wanted to see with my own eyes how evil Trin was. So on Monday evening I went to the service. When Matthew arrived I was deeply touched. I thought oh Lord what have I done? This are Your eyes that look at me and this are Your hands that want to bless me. I have prayed for so long Lord, do something with me, please! That night the Lord healed me and He showed me that I only have to lay my trust in Him. Now, even after three weeks I still overflow by the joy that the Lord gave me. I’ve said to Matthew that I was sorry for the thing I thought. The things I have thought about him were not the truth. The next service I asked forgiveness from Matthew. It is a wonderful feeling to know that Matthew has forgiven me.

    Praise the Lord for what He has done! The children have a joyful mother and my husband got back has wife in the way that the Lord has planed it.

    I pray that there will be more people who see your vision through different eyes. I am grateful that God has spoken to me through Matthew. It’s time that we stand up en become one body. There are thousands of people that have to be saved for the Kingdoms sake.


    Your Eyes
  • Hi Matthew and Trin-team,

    I want to let you know that my family and I had a great time at the conference Hemel op Aarde! It was so great, so intimate and we are so blessed!

    My son Noah (10) invited a friend from his school to the conference. His friend was so touched by the Holy Spirit during the child service at Saturday that we had to carry him down the stairs. In the central hall he received prayer and he experienced liberation! My daughter (8) cried because so was so filled with joy.

    God is so good!

    My youngest son (almost 4) had a great time at the nursery. Boy, what a love was there! You can feel the love for the children!

    Child workers: thanks for your blessing, your enthusiasm and thank you for the love to you gave to the children!

    My son Noah told his schoolmates about the conference this morning. A Muslim boy said that he would come with us next year! Matthew, go on with the things God want you to do! Don’t let negative reactions stop you!

    This conference is important for Holland, for our generation en the generation that has to come!

    Our kids are looking forward to next year!

    This is what I wanted to share with you.

    God bless you!

    Marc, Marijke, Noah, Sifra en Matthias

    Heaven on Earth 2010-1
  • Dear Matthew and team,

    I’m visiting the conference Hemel op Aarde in Ede these days. I have a wonderful time. I am so grateful to God for Trin and for what you are doing in the Netherlands!

    With… I heard what Matthew shared yesterday, about the accusing that you got by other Christians in Holland. On the on hand I knew it, but it touched my heart so deeply. I cried for a few minutes then. Gods hart is so moved with you and by what you do for the Netherlands. Gods heart goes out to the Netherlands en to His body in our country. He wants to do great things!

    I believe, I think for the Netherlands! And I'm going for the Netherlands, among other things for myself is that in Ede, the Shelter is my church.

    Thanks for what you do!

    God bless!

    Wilmar Sijll

    Heaven on Earth 2010-2
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